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Rhythms of Rest

"Be still and know that I am God."

Psalm 46:10

A Ten-Week Bible Study

Why do we struggle with rest? We long for an afternoon at the beach or an hour to steal away to a quiet place and read a book.  But often these mini breaks never come. We have become experts at pushing ourselves beyond healthy limits and cramming in just a few more things before our heads hit the pillow at night just to get up and do it all over again. We have succumbed to the worldly mentality that the best and most productive life is filled with accomplishments and activities, and our souls suffer for it.  


God, however, designed us to live in a rhythm of work and rest.  This ten-week bible study will help you rebalance your life so you can live as God intended . . . finding moments of peace each day in our restless world.


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New Release: A Devotional Book

If only there were more hours in a day 

Your to-do list is beyond taming, and your commitments are unavoidable. How could you allow yourself to rest in busy times like these? What would rest even look like in your life?

Author Cheryl Wunderlich knows these questions well. After years caught up in the whirlwind of family life, motherhood, work, and ministry, she couldn’t imagine allowing rest for herself—until cancer forced her to stop.  In her crushing battle with exhaustion, she began to hear God’s still, small voice inviting her to hope, be restored, and to find deep soul-quenching rest in Him. God’s rest was her way back to life.

These 100 devotions offer prayers, Scripture verses, personal insights, and biblical perspectives on God’s loving gift and command to us: Rest. Be still. You can experience both rewarding work and rejuvenating rest. Accept God’s invitation, and taste the welcome relief of a life balanced in His rest.


Cheryl has a heart for ministering to women and has served as a Bible teacher, speaker and one-on-one mentor for the past 20 years.  As a three-time cancer survivor, she has learned how to draw near to God and cling to His Word in the trials of life.  Building upon these life lessons, she authored a Bible study FINDING REST…In a Restless World and a devotional book titled Sacred Rest. She desires to encourage women

no matter where they are in their spiritual journey, a passion that has taken her across the globe to Nepal.  A stay-at-home mom, Cheryl resides in Portage, Michigan, with her husband, daughter and Bernese mountain dog, Oakley. She always keeps the door open for her two college-age sons who appear occasionally with loads of laundry looking for a home-cooked meal.  

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"I came out of the study changed by the word of God. I was most convicted by how I spend my time. I have been challenged to rethink how I spend my downtime, as well as to consider my daily activities in light of eternity. Thank you for sharing your heart and the lessons God taught you, so that others can be encouraged to grow!"

“I love the words of Christ that tell me He was NEVER in a hurry - always knowing His rest was in an intimate relationship with His Father. The study, along with your personal testimony throughout the book, has made me rejoice knowing the key to this life is abiding in the God who is the one to give me perfect rest.” 

“Cheryl is an avid student of God's word, a wife, mother of three, a runner, a frequent servant to the women in Nepal and three-time cancer survivor. Theologically, this book is the result of a long-term thematic study on rest. Practically, it is the answer Cheryl learned from God as she plowed through cancer the third time."

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